Colorma is here! Think you've mastered the world of color? Think again! Colorma, an innovative puzzle game, challenges your perception and creativity like never before. Place color tiles, create stunning gradients, and conquer intricate challenges on grids that bend and twist like a crossword puzzle. Decoys, clones, and keyless levels will test your spatial reasoning and unlock your inner color wizard. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant hues, calming soundtracks, and hundreds of meticulously hand-crafted levels. Whether you're a beginner blending your first palette or a master crafting intricate gradients, Colorma offers endless challenge and relaxation.



  • Hundreds of unique levels
  • Beautiful and immersive visuals
  • Relaxing and meditative soundtracks
  • Sharpens your focus and creativity
  • Cloud saving and achievements


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About Logisk Studio

We are a small, independent game studio based in Montreal, CA. We create relaxing, minimalist puzzle games with simple mechanics and intricate levels to sharpen your mind. Immerse yourself and enjoy our original mobile puzzle games listed below!
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Colorma Credits

Joey Kazma
Game Design, Art, Programming