Matexo is here! Challenge your math skills with our exciting new mobile game! The goal is simple: meet the target value by strategically applying a series of operations to a starting value. As simple as it may seem, it can get quite challenging. Discover a unique and puzzling experience through hundreds of hand-crafted levels and enjoy an immersive atmosphere in your journey. With progressively challenging levels, this game is perfect for all ages and math levels. Download now and start your math adventure today!



  • 120 hand-crafted levels
  • 6 uniquely themed level packs
  • Beautiful and immersive visuals
  • A relaxing and meditative soundtrack
  • Improves your focus and creativity
  • Cloud saving and achievements


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About Logisk Studio

We are a small, independent game studio based in Montreal, CA. We create relaxing, minimalist puzzle games with simple mechanics and intricate levels to sharpen your mind. Immerse yourself and enjoy our original mobile puzzle games listed below!
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Matexo Credits

Joey Kazma
Game Design, Art, Programming